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Space Business Symposium and Business Plan Competition

The commercial space sector is booming like never before, yet is still in its earliest stages. Investment has reached record amounts and emerging players could soon become household names as Musk and Bezos have. This is the place to hear the latest in this exciting new part of the new space race.  Come learn all about it at the 2-day Space Business Symposium’s four distinct sessions.


The Regional NewSpace Business Plan Competition, presented semi-annually by The Center for Space Commerce & Finance (CSCF), sponsored by the Heinlein Prize Trust. In “shark tank” style, six qualifying business startup/early-stage companies will have a total of 15 minutes to present their business pitch and answer questions before a panel of judges. The winning team of this event will receive a $2,500 cash prize.

10:00 – Introduction: Meagan Crawford, CSCF

10:15 – Beyond Earth: Joe Latrell

10:30 – First Resonance: Karan Talati

10:45 – Space Map: Garritt Chrzanowski

11:00 – Stofiel Aerospace:  Alex Smith

11:15 – Voyager Space Technologies: Darren Charrier

11:30 –  Waypoint 2 Space: Kevin Heath

11:45 – Conclusion: Thomas Andrew Olson, CSCF

SPACE INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2.0  – Saturday  2-5

Years ago, when one said “space investment”, the response by most investors was “It's too rich for my blood”. Traditional investments in the space arena limited itself to established launch companies and the heavy communications satellite markets.

But times have changed. A plethora of “NewSpace” companies – dedicated to disrupting established ecosystem – have reached a a critical path of success, and investment – angel, VC, and institutional, is keeping pace with the new opportunities. Billions are being risked each year in new launch, services, and smallsat/payloads firms around the world.  In this session, people with their fingers on the pulse of the new space investment ecosystem, will discuss the promising new opportunities available to prosper for investors at all levels, and how the new private “space funds” coming online will assist in making the entire sector flourish even more.

2:00 - 2:10  Introduction - Thomas A. Olson

2:10 - 2:40  Keynote: Eva-Jane Lark - Welcome to the New SIS

2:45 - 3:45:

Panel: The Current Space Investment Ecosystem

MODERATOR:  Eva-Jane Lark

Hoyt Davidson – NearEarth LLC

Thomas A. Olson – Center for Space Commerce and Finance

Taichi Yamazaki – ASTRAX

Armin Ellis – Exploration Institute


3:45 - 4:45:

Panel: New Space Funds Coming Online - how will they impact the Ecosystem?

MODERATOR:  Dennis Stone

Michael Mealling, Starbridge Capital

Rick Tumlinson – Star Century Partners

Michael Laine – Liftport Capital

4:45 - 5:  Wrapup – Meagan Crawford


6-7 PM: NSS Reception

BPC Winners announced


In this session, important names in NewSpace business will engage in a broad discussion of what the NewSpace Commercial Ecosystem looks like today, and how it will evolve going forward. Long time space entrepreneurs will share their experiences, both failures and successes, and what the takeaways are from both.

10:00 - 10:05:  Introduction

Panel:  The current space commerce ecosystem

Rich Pournelle – Nanoracks

John Quinn – Exos

Dennis Stone  – NASA

Jim Karavela – Shackleton Energy

Amanda Stiles – RocketLab


Panel:  Space Entrepreneur “War Stories”

MODERATOR:  Ken Davidian

Dennis Wingo – Skycorp

Rex Ridenoure – Ecliptic

John Garvey – Vector Space Systems

John Wilkes – GLXP

FARMER IN THE SKY  – Sunday,  2-5

If Elon Musk has his way, one day a million people will live on Mars, alone.  How do we feed them all? While academic science and government institutions have been working the problem for decades, new capabilities developed to feed people right here on earth can potentially lend an important hand. Prepare for a lively conversation as academics, NASA researchers, and private sector initiatives combine to begin a bold new conversation about the practical, nuts and bolts realities of providing sufficient calories and nutrition for large numbers of space settlers.

2:00 - 2:20:  Intro to Event + student presentation

2:20 - 3:00:  Keynote - “The Real Martian”, Jeff Raymond

3:15 - 5:30:

Panel: “Farmer in the Sky”

Jeff Raymond - The Real Martian

Bart Womack - Eden Growth Systems

Phil Sadler - CEAC

Vera Mulyani – Mars City Design

Bruce Vanaman – Evello

Andrew Blume – Huxley AI, and Blue House

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